Steps to decorate a room

It’s a real simple task to decorate your room. Fit all the right components at right place, play around with the color bombs, select what element would go great with what room and you’re done. But then there’s a question of how to make your choice. Many people have a lot of doubts and queries tumbling in their mind like how to get started, what colors to choose and how to make a floor plan. Follow these cool tips to give and ultimate yet inexpensive makeover to your house.

The Plan

Not clear where to start from? First decide the purpose of your room. Like a bedroom is to sleep, a diner to eat and kitchen to cook. Spend quality time in making decisions regarding the purpose of every room for starters, discuss with your family or partners. Once you’re done deciding what to do with the room, get started with designing the decor of the room.

Keep Preferences

It’s not just compulsory to go with the purpose while choosing the color schemes and designs for your room. Go with the colors and design that you love apart from the purpose, the colors that you like and the design that you will enjoy. Don’t choose anything just for the sake of the purpose of the room. Keep you touch, your preferences ahead while decorating.

Make a Budget

Once you are done with fixing the purpose, fix a budget and plan accordingly. There may be a need to extend your budget if you feel like adding something up to the room but try and stay in budget as possible as you can. While making a budget don’t forget consider the cost of hiring an interior designer for the purpose, or with some good tips like these, you can decorate your room on your own. Be the king of your choice and design the room the way you always wanted it to be, giving it you fragrance.

Jot down a floor plan

Plan your room such that there is no clutter once everything is in place. Arrange your furniture and other appliances so that it doesn’t look messy at all. Jot down a rough sketch of your room onto a plain paper to get the idea of the positions of the things you want to place in the room. It will also help you stay in the budget, keeping your room well organising and making you feel like a winner.

Play With Colors

Play with colors while decorating your interior. Play with palettes and textures, use floral prints and mix them up with the colors, use light yet soothing colors if you want more light in the room. Go with plants of greens and browns if you want to theme your room natural style. Choose colors that will compliment your furniture well or vice versa.