How to decorate living room?

//How to decorate living room?

How to decorate living room?

The first room that you enter while stepping inside the house is a Living room. A place where you spend most of your time with family, where you host gatherings for the guests of the house, where you enjoy a movie with kids and sit next to your TV. Living room is the most social and crucial place in house. So the design of the living room should be as per the comfort and convenience of everyone living in the house. Here are few things you should know before starting to decorate your living room.

Research and Create Plan

Designing a room is a deep process. A key to a successful renovation is plenty of forethought, information and ideas. You should take time to create a plan before beginning to design your living room, so that you are less likely to have regrets when you are finished. So, do a lot of research especially while making structural changes. In other words, you need to fix your destination and start planning to get there.

Consider Your Lifestyle

As we all know everyone uses their living room differently. You should consider your lifestyle; the way you want to use your living room before starting to design it. This will help you to understand what you want from your living room to look like and what kinds of features it should have. Go through some catalogues or magazines, search for the designs, colours or styles you are longing for. After getting a handful of different designs, choose those designs that match your interests

Model Interior

Furniture: – Choosing the right furniture for your living room and placing it in a proper way is important. You could use furniture as a centrepiece. This is a great way to create focal point in your living room. Also, keep the furniture away from the wall to a certain distance, this will create an illusion and make the room look relatively bigger. To get the idea of how a certain piece of furniture will look in the living room, try and use the moving boxes to build furniture out of them.

Lighting: – Lighting plays a big role in the success of your decoration. It creates a good ambience, adds the shine and glitter to the room.

Natural Style: – If you want to theme your living room with natural style, you can go with plants of greens and browns.

Play with Colours

A can of paint is the easiest and least expensive way to completely change the look of your living room. Play with colour palettes and textures while decorating your living room. You could use light yet soothing colours if you want more light in the room. Giving texture to walls is also a great way to change the feel of your living room. So, choose colours that will compliment your style and interior well.

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