Tips for balcony gardening

Who says not having a yard or living in an apartment certainly precludes anyone from having a garden. Balcony gardens can be intimate, useful, manageable and absolutely stunning. In fact, a balcony garden can be the perfect escape for anyone from their urban existence.When thinking about the garden, maybe the first thing comes to your mind is the vast grass, beautiful flowers and comfortable garden benches as well as the lavish water features and much more. Regardless of how pocket your balcony is, you can have a small outdoor greenhouse that is full of life with some smart and bold ideas.You can have a gorgeous balcony garden full of beautiful flowers, veggies and even fragrant plants. So, get ready with your gardening gloves. Here are some tips for setting up your balcony garden you’ll love.

Check the load bearing capacity, space and location of your balcony

Balcony gardening primarily depends on the capacity and size of the balcony. Before you start buying anything it is always wise to check how much weight your balcony can support, its size, opportunities for drainage as well as its location in regard to the amount of sun and exposure to wind it receives etc. Draw a plan to scale and decide where you will place plants, furniture and other objects. While making plan make sure you take into account what is already in the balcony space, such as railings, walls, doors and windows etc.

Weather Conditions

Make sure you buy and grow plants that are suited to your weather zone. For this you can look for local plant shop as they won’t stock anything that won’t survive in your weather conditions. Also, make sure that you are buying plants that are intended to go outside.In addition to this you also need to consider the microclimate of your outdoor space. Before you purchase anything, take time to learn what kind of light does your outdoor space get and how many hours of it? Is your balcony sheltered or windy? The answers to these questions will narrow down the specific types of plants that will be a great fit.

Choose Your Containers and soil

There are numerous types of containers available in the market. When choosing containers, in addition to considering appearance, make sure the containers you plan to use are compatible with the growth habits of your plants. Choose containers which have enough space for the roots of your plant, adequate drainage holes to allow for excess moisture to flow out to prevent waterlogged roots. (You can put saucers under drainage holes to prevent water from running onto your deck and from flowing down off your balcony.) Additionally, consider where this container is going to place. For example, if you are putting it in a window sill or on a rooftop, choose something light.
Make sure you buy potting soil that’s particularly suited to the plants you will be growing. Buy a fertilizer that are suitable for growth habits of your plants. For continuous feeding to plants to produce steady growth and bloom, mix at 1/10th the recommended rate every time you water.


Beautiful flowers, fragrant plants and veggies in your balcony will make your balcony garden more romantic and mysterious. In fact, choosing beautiful and fragrant plants can make your home smell heavenly, look beautiful and lively. You can make your balcony looks lively and colourful with pots, beautiful flowers and plants, bright fabrics, decorative pillows and painted floor etc. This decor will add a lot of freshness, beauty and style to your balcony garden.


What do you want to be able to do in your new balcony garden oasis? You may not need any furniture on your balcony, if you just want a place to grow some flowers or herbs to cut and bring in the house. But small table with a couple chairs makes a great spot for coffee, crossword and croissants. And if you want a space to entertain outdoors, you will require a larger seating area. (It’s a good idea to consider how you want to use your balcony space and the furniture you will need so you can work the plants around these structures.