Smart storage solutions for your home

//Smart storage solutions for your home

Smart storage solutions for your home

Do you feel like there is less space to store your things in your compact house? Living in a small house doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to make do with less. You just need to be smart about how you organize the space you have. Many small homes end up with as much usable storage area, once you get into storage genius mode.
Here are a few storage solution ideas that will come in handy no matter the size of your house. These smart storage ideas will help you to keep your stuff perfectly organized while saving space in your house.

Bed Designs with Storage

It’s a great idea to get cabinets or shelves built around the head of your bed. Make sure you use of all the empty wall-space there. With the bed design you can go as creative as you want. Cabinets like this acts as perfect storage space for things like clothes, books, paintings, photographs, stuffed toys etc.
You can also construct a concealed storage space under the bed to get a bed design with storage. You can use this space to store extra bedspreads, blankets, rarely used clothes etc.

Cupboard Under the Stairs

If you have a staircase in your home, storage space under staircase is the best trick to use the area underneath the stairs. You can have built concealed cabinets or shelves under the stairs where you can store just about anything lying around in your home. By incorporating cabinets or shelves in different forms, not only you can just utilize the space under the stairs, but also you can light it up beautifully to ensure that it does not seem like a neglected and dull corner.

Create Storage Space Behind Doors

The backs of the doors of your room and closets can provide a precious few inches of storage space. You can install metal hooks behind doors in your house so that you can hang dresses and coats. Similarly, you can install hooks, small metal racks or pen holders behind your closet doors to store things like jewelry, purses, hair brushes, and the like.

Get Multi-Functional Furniture

It’s a great idea to use pieces of compact furniture that performs a variety of functions. You can get a wooden cabinet for your home which you can use to put up lamps, flower vases and other knick-knacks on. You can also turn furniture into a showcase for some of your cherished things, like books, artwork, photo frames etc. Similarly, you can use an ottoman in your room to double up as a holding place for books and magazines.

Get Cubbies

Not only cubbies act as better storage solutions in a small house, but also they look stylish and sleek too. Get some cubbies of different sizes and shapes which you can put up on empty wall spaces in your living room, bedrooms and dining area. You can also paint them in a shade matching to your room’s walls.

Use vertical shelving

Shelves do not necessarily have to be huge horizontal expanses. You can get some long or short vertical shelves for the empty wall spaces in your rooms.
They not only look stylish but also highly useful for storing things like decorative items, art work, books, timepieces, photo frames etc

Window and mirror lights

There is nothing quite like wide windows to add lights to your room. If possible, do install floor-to-ceiling translucent glass french windows in your room, and watch the natural light flood in your room. For brightening up a room’s area, you can also give a small touch of pattern on the windows.
Mirrors reflect light allowing your room’s space look bigger and brighter. You can the change entire mood of the space in a few seconds by adding lighting above or on either side of your mirror.

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