What comes to your mind first, whenever you decide to buy a home for yourself?

Requirements, Quality, Location and Budget.

These are not just words, these points are very important and inter-connected. They need a lot of research, information and finally you can come to a decision. So we’ve drawn up a house-buying battle plan for you, which will help to figure out the above key words.

Buying a home is the biggest purchase of your life, and even a small goof up in finalization of your home might be very costly. First we need to decide area requirement according to family members and considering family growth for eight to ten years. Key factors in this are number and area of bedrooms, bathrooms, terrace, balcony, kitchen, hall, etc.

Once the accommodation area is finalized, it comes the budget, which is a combination of various components likeown saving, loan amount, stamp duty and other fees. The bank loan includes rate of interest, financial eligibility, type of bank, etc. Don’t forget to maintain your pocket for post buy expenses like fittings and interiors.

After accommodation and financial assessments, one needs to survey the location, which gives assurance of availability of hospitals, schools, approach road, market and green areas in close vicinity.

And last but not the least, quality is a very important factor; like authenticity of the builder, construction quality, electrical, plumbing and drainage services, security systems, amenities, energy efficiency, work efficient functionality, parking, light and ventilation, etc. People, who are keen on luxury should also look for extra features like elegant looks, terrace garden, balcony projections, designer shades, sound proof windows, smart homes, etc.

As everyone is aware of the fact that no one can replace or reconstruct a home after buying it, thus you may consider researching well according to the above listed points.