Lighting Solutions for your home

//Lighting Solutions for your home

Lighting Solutions for your home

Nowadays home lighting has gone far beyond than just serving the basic purpose of providing illumination. No matter how beautiful your home is, poor illumination and dark corners can turn it into a less than appealing case in an instant. Lighting fixtures and installations arguably constitute the important aspect of interior environment of your home. An unlimited availability of range of styles, shapes, sizes and colours of lighting help in setting the tone in a space, and hence has become an integral part of home décor.
Properly used lighting helps you to see better and perform tasks more easily. It not only provides a sense of comfort to you but also provides you with the flexibility to adjust the ambiance of your home.
Hence it is mandatory that you get this just right. So, here we have a few suggestions to choose the right light fittings for different areas of your home, over and above common tube lights and bulbs.


A chandelier adds little extra to your home decor. A chandelier in the centre of your room will spread light evenly, banishing shadows from the corners of your room. It not only act as a light fitting, but also creates focal point in any room. You could get a crystal chandelier to add sparkly touches or vintage metal chandelier to add elegance to your space. You can use dimmer switches in the chandeliers to provide the right amount of illumination at every time of day.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a great option when need concentrated light in a certain area of your room. Floor lamps offer an easy-to-add lighting solution for any space in your room, even though you room doesn’t have much space . Floor lamps are easy to move around as well as they fit in seamlessly with pretty much any setting.
Considering that floor lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes that vary from classic to contemporary and from the minimalist to the traditional, you can select one that best fits the décor of your room. Floor lamps transform any room from everyday to extraordinary.

Recessed Lighting

Installing recessed lighting in room is a great idea, allowing you to illuminate only that section of the room as is necessary at any given point in time. Recessed lighting is usually used for accent lighting rather than as the sole lighting source for a room. This kind of lighting mostly uses fluorescent, incandescent or halogen bulbs for the purpose of illumination.
You can use dimmers switches to decrease or increase the brightness of the lights in a particular part section of the room, changing the ambiance and mood of the entire room.

Fan Lights

Fan lights have become the new home lighting solution for room, helping you beautifully lighting up the area right below the fan. Modern ceiling fans with lights are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. When considering fan lights, choose a designer look that fits your style.
Installing the ceiling fan with an integrated light kit will not only help you reduce energy costs but also improve the overall comfort and efficiency of your room. Make sure you use light bulbs that are resistant to vibrations produced by ceiling fans as regular bulbs might fail early.

Under-Cabinet Lights

Cabinet lighting is essential to give the extra light to the area for both decorative and safety purposes. Putting up LED lights below cabinets (especially below kitchen cabinets) is a practical and smart way of lighting up the space. This kind of home lighting illuminates the countertop, the space below the cabinets, allowing you to focus on your task clearly and keenly.

Ceiling Mount Fixtures

Ceiling-mount fixtures are perfect for any area of your home including kitchens, hallways and dining & living rooms. They not only illuminate rooms but also add style to your home décor. You could place one right in the centre of the room, or over a particular area that needs task lighting.

Window and mirror lights

There is nothing quite like wide windows to add lights to your room. If possible, do install floor-to-ceiling translucent glass french windows in your room, and watch the natural light flood in your room. For brightening up a room’s area, you can also give a small touch of pattern on the windows.
Mirrors reflect light allowing your room’s space look bigger and brighter. You can the change entire mood of the space in a few seconds by adding lighting above or on either side of your mirror.

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