Wallpapers: Inexpensive & quick makeovers

//Wallpapers: Inexpensive & quick makeovers

Wallpapers: Inexpensive and quick makeovers

Want an aesthetic backdrop or a textured look on your walls, without spending too much money? Wallpapers, quickest and inexpensive way to brighten up rooms. It’s a great way to add character to the rooms lacking in liveliness. Wallpaper comes in a variety of styles, designs and colors that your options are endless. Wallpapers with gorgeous prints and graphic patterns instantly update your rooms and infuse them with style. Best use of wallpaper adds sparkle to a space and complement the overall design of the room. Here are some tips which you can use to create a décor statement and uplift the feel of a space with the use of wallpapers.

Wallpapers, Beauty as well as utility

Wallpapers are simple and reliable way to transform one’s home. Besides pleasing appeal, wallpapers also have utility value.
For an example, wallpapers with higher sound absorbing capacity can be used in meditation spaces or home-offices, which require lesser sound interference.
The writable/ washable wallpaper makes perfect sense for homes with kids, who may try to write or draw on the walls.

For every room

Light-colored wallpapers with patterns are ideal for the living room. They make the room appear spacious and add a little shine to the surface. To make the living room appear more glamorous, you can also opt for red and silver or gold or and blue wallpapers.
Textured wallpapers in a neutral color, can be used on the entry foyer of the home, on the wall where the television is mounted, or even behind the sofa set or bed, as a highlight on one of the walls of room.
You can use a floral print wallpaper for the dining area to add a dramatic effect and brightened up the entire space.
For the kid’s room, it is advisable to choose writable/washable wallpapers, or even you can choose themed wallpapers of their favorite cartoons. For the master bedroom opt darker and cozy tones.

Choose the right wallpaper

The biggest advantage of wallpapers is that it can be easily changed and is available in various budgets. Wallpaper comes in various different materials, featuring lots of different features to consider, depending on the job and the room.
Decide the theme of the room first before selecting the wallpapers (vintage or Indian designs, floral or geometric patterns, scenic pictures, animated characters, or wallpapers with silk, velvet, jute, vinyl or metallic effect etc.). It is advisable to use only one or two hues of wallpapers throughout the room, to avoid visual clutter.

Select an appropriate pattern for the room

Patterned and textured wallpaper can add a unique theme to any room. You can also make the rooms seem larger using patterned wallpaper. So, if you are buying a wallpaper with a distinctive pattern, make sure you take care to match-up and compliment the pattern with other accessories in room to avoid clashing.
You can use horizontal patterns to make the room seem wider. If your room is tall and skinny, you can make it seem cozier using horizontal patterns. And if you’ve got small rooms with low ceilings, vertical-patterning can help trick the eye.
You can use vertical patterns to make the ceiling seem higher.

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